Pet Insurance

Like private health insurance for people, pet insurance is a way to protect yourself against unexpected large medical bills that can arise when your pet needs emergency or unexpected treatment. 

People with pet insurance pay a small monthly fee, known as "premium", in exchange for protection, known as "coverage", in the event of an illness, accident, or other form of emergency medical treatment for your animal.

A wide variety of pet insurance plans exist on the market, andyour monthly premium will depend on many factors, for example your pet's breed, age, existing medical conditions. By paying the agreed monthly premium, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your beloved animal can receive the necessary medical care he or she might need in the future if treatment or surgery becomes necessary.

Largely speaking, pet insurance is for everyone who has a pet, but it can be particularly useful for people with elderly animals, pets that already have a history of illness, or owners of certain animal breeds that are known to regularly develop genetic and other hereditary problems or illnesses.

Veterinary bills can be quite expensive, especially in the case of emergencies, so pet insurance is a great way for animal lovers to protect themselves against unexpected large bills, or having to make the agonizing choice of whether to seek healthcare for their pet based on cost alone.

Some pet insurance policies offer full coverage, meaning that the insurance company will meet the entire cost of covered medical treatment. Other pet insurance plans work on a deductible basis, meaning that the pet owner pays up to a set amount for any treatment received by their animal, and then the insurance company pays the outstanding balance.

Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility, and involves several monthly fixed costs like food, accessories, and hygiene. A set monthly premium amount allows conscientious pet owners to set and keep a budget without having to worry about unexpected healthcare bills for their beloved animals.

By having a sensible, predictable budget, pet owners can relax and enjoy the companionship of their animal, and never have to live in fear that one day their beloved pet will require medical treatment that will cause financial hardship.